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SENSITIVE SKIN by JANSSEN COSMETICS is an innovative skincare system. Each product is based on an active ingredient tailored to a specific skin type to achieve visual and measurable results. Janssen Cosmetics caters to the different demands of individual skin types by changing not only the skin’s surface but the deeper layers, too. This line of specially developed skincare products for sensitive skin and other skin types contains powerful active ingredients to reduce redness, tightness, and itching—not to mention simultaneously strengthening the skin's barrier function. SENSITIVE SKIN by Janssen Cosmetics is suitable for the care of extremely sensitive skin with an anti-redness moisturizer for skin prone to rosacea and couperose. This product range is advisable for skincare during chemotherapy, as the collection contains allergen-free perfume and is preservative-free according to Cosmetic Regulations in Germany. 

The SENSITIVE SKIN range contains Skin Defense Complex+, an active ingredient complex made of black currant seed oil, balloon plant, and sunflower extract, which generates the skin's barrier function and reduces inflammation. Barrier-strengthening grass is used additionally for neurodermatitis skin. These products are also effective for spider veins and redness due to the RSC-Neutralizer. Proven anti-inflammatory agents, such as sensitive allantoin, bisabolol, calendula (marigold), as well as premium oils and moisturizers round out the list of active ingredients.