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Why Regular Facials & the Right Products Help Handle Acne

Why Regular Facials & the Right Products Help Handle Acne

Whoever invented pimples, huh? We need to talk. Waking up to fight daily battles with acne flare-ups is frustrating and vexing for millions around the world. Acne is one of the most common skin conditions—and universal experiences—affecting the general population today, regardless of age.

Don’t let skincare worries and woes get you down. At Vivid Health & Beauty, our aestheticians hear your laments and are here to help keep those pesky pimples at bay. How so? Truth be told, there’s no one-size-fits-all cure-all, but we have the key to calming the condition: professional treatments and products for your skin type. Here’s a closer look at why regular facials and the right products help handle acne breakouts.

Reason 1: They Balance and Complement Each Other

Let’s face it: maintaining healthy skin is a multi-step effort. To triumphantly battle the breakout beasts head-on, you’ll need a strategy for your own unique skin type, tone, lifestyle, and genetic history.

For this reason, professional treatments and at-home care products are the ideal yin and yang of skincare. You can adeptly and simultaneously handle derma dilemmas from all sides with a two-pronged approach. Facials are integral to picking up the healing pace from the inside out and accelerating the results of at-home routines.

Reason 2: Help Clear Up Congested Pores

A hodgepodge of genetic, lifestyle, hormonal, and dietary factors can contribute to the appearance of acne. Nonetheless, the cause’s core is the buildup of oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, and dirt in pores. Congested pores are visibly apparent in the development and presence of various-sized comedones.

Unclogging your pores involves using treatments and skincare products backed by experience and/or science. Remember, there’s a difference between personal pimple-popping vs. proper pimple-popping. The main objective is to gently remove congestion without damaging the skin to improve its tone and texture.

Reason 3: Provide Specialized Care and Support

At the end of the day, professional care is the number one reason why regular facials and the right products help handle acne breakouts. Frequent facial services allow an aesthetician to monitor your skin’s progress and advise any adjustments for customized at-home care regimens. A licensed professional can recommend exactly how to use products on a daily basis and adjust their advice as conditions change or improve.

Vivid Health & Beauty carries a curated collection of recommended at-home acne care and management products, including Stelle’s cellular rejuvenating serum and restorative skin enhancer. Browse our online selection or learn more about our facial treatments available in the Los Angeles area on our website today. Let VHB help you achieve your crème de la crème skincare goals stat.

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