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Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing This Summer

Tips To Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing This Summer

Amid all your summer fun, it’s important to remain mindful of all of summer’s skin stressors. With longer and sunnier days comes more exposure to external elements that can damage your skin if you don’t properly protect it. Explore Vivid Health & Beauty’s tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing this summer so that you can thrive this season.

Be Wary of the Midday Sun

As much as you may want to bask in the intense heat and gain some summer color, be mindful that certain times of the day are unideal for lounging in the sun. The sun’s harshest UV rays lurk from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., making it especially important to either lather on the sunscreen or don protective clothing during this time.

Your skin will thank you for staying extra mindful under the midday sun for a lot of reasons. First, intense sun exposure increases your risk of developing skin cancer. UV rays are also known to negatively affect the elastic and collagen fibers in your skin, leading to premature signs of aging.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Your skin’s buoyancy relies heavily on the products you use and on how well you hydrate. To stay properly hydrated each day, you should attempt to drink half an ounce to an ounce of water for each pound you weigh. If you, like most people, naturally sweat more in the summer, err toward drinking closer to an ounce per pound every day. The more water you consume, the better your organs can perform—including your body’s largest organ, the skin.

Our STÂSS Clarifying Cream is a water-based moisturizer that’s light enough for sweaty summers but that packs a punch when it comes to hydration and protection against the elements. Its hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and powerful antioxidant-probiotic blend boost skin immunity and protect against environmental pollutants.

Safeguard Your Skin from Harsh Rays

Of our top tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing this summer, you’ve probably heard this one the most: wear sunscreen. You should always apply some broad-spectrum UVA or UVB sunscreen with a high SPF before heading out. Vivid Health & Beauty supplies premier reef-safe and dermatologist-tested sunscreen. TIZO has a wide variety of sunscreens, including tinted, non-tinted, with primer, and anti-aging. A new addition to our Dr. Ellyan products, the Absolute Mineral Sunscreen uses patented sea buckthorn, superfruit extract, ginseng, and a host of other powerhouse ingredients to blur the lines between sun protection and K-beauty skin care.

Sunscreen is an element you should also incorporate into your daily skin care routine, regardless of the season. The sun is harshest in the summer, but shielding your skin from UV rays year-round is always important.

Maximize Your Skin’s Health with a Treatment

Skin undergoes a lot of stress in the summer due to the heat and sun, which can cause its condition to change. Some people suffer from oilier skin in the summertime, but others may experience more inflammation and redness. One of the best ways to upkeep your skin’s health and glow and to undo some of that sun damage is to regularly treat your skin to cleansing facials or skin care treatments. At Vivid Health & Beauty, we have variety of skin care services specialized for different skin types and problems. Our treatments remove dead and damaged skin cells to reveal a healthy layer of skin, increasing the effectiveness of your skin care products.

Contact us today to learn more about our professional facials, skin care treatments, abundant SPF products, antioxidant serums, and more to keep your skin buoyant and healthy this summer.

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