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Tips To Help Maintain Proper Skin Care During Traveling

Tips To Help Maintain Proper Skin Care During Traveling

As the explorer Ibn Battuta once said, “Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” What nobody truly says about the experience, though, is how much the change in location can affect your skin’s equilibrium. Despite the wonder of all things wanderlust, encountering varying stressors is inevitable. Lack of adequate sleep, a diverse everyday environment, and prolonged exposure to heat or cold are just a few of these common dermal concerns.

How can you best protect yourself against the havoc-wreaking woes of the journey? For radiant skin that shines in travel photos, read through the following tips to help maintain proper skin-care during traveling. Times of travel demand careful and mindful attention to your skin.

Stick Closely to Your Standard Routine

When you’re out of town and away from home, it’s easy to throw your customary skin-care routine by the wayside. But keep in mind that the main objective of a travel-friendly skin-care routine is to adapt if needed—not entirely reinvent the wheel. You want to keep your skin clean and hydrated with your usual products. Asking your skin to adjust to a whole new routine piles extra woes on top of the supplementary stressors of travel. Stick to what regularly works as much as possible throughout the trip.

Bring the Goods: Basic and Emergency Products

Now, what medley of skin-care goods should you bring along? The essentials are the standard benchmarks, depending on your travel duration and personal preference. Remember, always carry the basics with you: your favorite facial cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturizer. Opt for toners or serums only as needed.

Ensuring you have emergency items on hand is another one of our fundamental tips to help maintain proper skin-care during traveling. Nobody wants a flare-up on the road and no way to remedy the situation. Pack any meds, topical creams, or antibiotic ointments that could be of benefit in unforeseen circumstances.

Get Innovative With Travel-Friendly Packaging

As frequent or experienced travelers know, packing light is often the way to go. Yet what about your skin-care products? The best-case scenario is to invest in travel-size or sample-size products to store in your carry-on or handbag. But what if your daily essentials aren’t available in minis or smaller sizes? We recommend resourcefulness—filling empty bottle or jar travel kits. You can typically pour a variety of quality skin-care products into minuscule packaging for instant on-the-go access. However, keep in mind that some specialty skin-care items require set storage or climate conditions to maintain effectiveness.

Seeking further skin-care expertise? Vivid Health & Beauty is a leading skin beauty clinic in Los Angeles. We provide a wide array of professional beauty services and skin-care products to help our clients achieve their best selves—both at home and on the go. When you’re traveling, we recommend carrying the following to wash, hydrate, and protect your skin: Janssen’s Neuro Skin Balm; Enzyme Powder Wash from Dr. Ellyan, and Tizo’s Tinted Ultra Zinc Body and Face Sunscreen. Join the insider list on our website today to learn more, or give our experienced team a call with any questions.

Tips To Help Maintain Proper Skin Care During Traveling

Tips To Help Maintain Proper Skin Care During Traveling

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Its very important to maintain a good skin health while traveling, thanks for sharing your views on this.


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