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Professional Skin-Care Tips for Summer Beach Trips

Professional Skin-Care Tips for Summer Beach Trips

Summertime and beach days are synonymous with family fun, cool waves, and sunny rays. But how can you best protect your skin’s natural barrier in these compromising outdoor conditions?

At Vivid Health & Beauty, we understand that being an esthetician isn’t solely about skin-care treatments and products. These specialists, skilled in skin beautification, create changes in their clients’ lives with their expert knowledge and advice. Here are a few professional skin-care tips for summer beach trips from us to you.

Pre-Beach Prep: Hydrate

Beach-bound? An esthetician-approved pre-beach skin-care routine consists of multiple levels and layers of hydration. You need to keep your body—and skin—hydrated from the inside out. Hydration is essential to sustaining a healthy glow. You also don’t want to use products that may make your skin more susceptible to burns when you’re outdoors in the sun.

Before you enjoy a beach day, a hands-on level of dedication ensures the best skin protection. We recommend using antioxidant serums that draw water to the skin’s surface; applying a soothing, sealing moisturizer; and avoiding heavy scrubs, retinol treatments, or chemical exfoliators if you plan to submerge your face underwater.

Beach Day Considerations: Protect

Applying protective sunscreen is the key to enjoying time in the fresh, open air. There’s no better skin-care tip to ensure peace of mind during your summer beach trips. Sun damage is one of the most common preventable skin problems we see as professional estheticians. Besides applying sunscreen with a high level of SPF to the neck, chest, feet, hands, and ears, facial sunscreen is priority number one. A formula that blends seamlessly is key.

To safely have fun in the sun, apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before plopping down in the sand or dipping your toes in the water. Plan to reapply every 30 minutes if you go in the water or every hour if you’re staying on the sand. Aim to avoid the strong midday sun, and find some shade whenever possible.

Post-Beach Care: Repair

After reveling in the summer sunshine, replenishing any moisture lost during your time outdoors with quality skin-care products is of the essence. To avoid upsetting your skin barrier, we advise cleansing the skin well to wash off the sunscreen and rejuvenating with nourishing layers that reverse UV damage and lock in hydration. This approach promotes skin health and maintains vitality all season long.

As a leading provider of skin-care products and treatments in Los Angeles, Vivid Health & Beauty recognizes that every client has different concerns with their skin. No two faces are alike, and we’re here as trained technicians to elevate your self-confidence with the most effective solutions. If you’re in need of a skin-care beautification specialist, contact us about a customized consultation today. VHB is here to ensure your beautiful face stays healthy and radiant year round.


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