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National Teacher Day Spotlight: Raelene Waddell

National Teacher Day Spotlight: Raelene Waddell

Most of us have at least one teacher that has made a lasting impression on us. National Teacher Appreciation Day recognizes dedicated educators across the country and the lasting contributions they make on our lives and the lives of future generations.
We spoke to our very own VHB client, Raelene Waddell, a K-5 teacher in the Walnut Valley Unified School District on what inspires her and how skincare is part of her selfcare routine.


Stacy: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Raelene: I’ve taught since I was 21! I was hired by Walnut Valley Unified after completing my student teaching in the district, and I’ve taught for the same amazing district all these years. I have taught grades K, 2, 4, and 5.


Stacy: What inspired you to become a teacher?
Raelene: I had an incredibly wonderful teacher in third grade. My childhood was rather difficult and this teacher made a huge difference in my life.  I decided in third grade I wanted to be that kind of teacher. I’ve been blessed with my career and know that I have made an impact in many lives. 


Stacy: What is the most enjoyable / challenging thing about what you do?
Raelene: I still love what I do, love making a difference just like my third grade teacher did for me so long ago. The most challenging part of teaching is meeting all of the individual needs, both academically and emotionally for the children. I work with extremely dedicated and professional staff members. Together we do our best to meet those needs.

Stacy: How is skincare part of your selfcare routine?
Raelene: I work very long days and weekends. It can be challenging to make time for our own selfcare. I’m grateful a friend referred me to Vivid and Stacy years ago.

It’s something I look forward to every month. The difference in my skin since I began having the Bio-LED facials is truly remarkable.

During the shutdown, my face just wasn’t the same, though I tried my best with home products. I’m well past 50 years old, and I think I’m looking pretty darn good for my age. I will certainly continue to make my selfcare at Vivid a priority!


Thank you, Raelene, for all your hard work. We appreciate all that you do for our society!

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