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How To Pick the Right Facial Treatment for Your Skin

How To Pick the Right Facial Treatment for Your Skin

How is your skin post-mask-mandate? Whether you’re dealing with lingering effects from consistent face mask wear or feel less confident about its current condition, we understand the varying concerns you may have. The fact of the matter is, your skin is as unique and sensitive as you are—and deserves the best care for its one-of-a-kind form and structure.

Fortunately, many professional facial treatments that’re available in the modern skincare industry can—and will—be customized to your unique needs. Regardless of if you’re facing irritation, pesky breakouts, or the need to smooth out fine lines, there is something for everyone, for all skin types and conditions. Nonetheless, knowing how to choose the best facial for these particular needs is no simple feat.

Unsure about all the jargon involved? Never fear; VHB is here to draw a definite distinction. Read on for a general guide on how to pick the right facial treatment for your skin. Here is a closer look at the array of treatment options to pamper your skin and enhance your appearance.

The Basics: A Signature Facial Treatment

Keep the basics as valuable knowledge in your back pocket as you consider how to pick the right type of facial treatment for your skin. The right facial treatment can stimulate the skin’s natural ability to heal and repair itself and promote healthy cell and collagen growth.

A classic facial service generally involves cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, masking, and relaxing massages for a refreshed and rejuvenated glow. This signature facial is suitable for all skin types—except for acne-prone skin. That’s quite another commonplace matter.

Acne Facial Treatments: Clarifying or Purifying

Those who battle with breakouts and blemish brouhahas benefit from a diverse skin treatment menu. Facials designed exclusively for acne-prone or oily skin involve the right tact and care to nip flare-ups in the bud.

These popular treatments typically combine the powerful punch of deep cleansing, extensive steaming, clogged pore extraction, and gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells without irritating sources of inflammation. The soothing result? Cleaner, clearer, and healthier skin. And the cherry on top? Elevated self-esteem and confidence!

Tightening Facial Treatments: An Exfoliating Glow

Individuals with dull, dry, or maturing skin can find a therapeutic treasure in an assortment of tightening and lifting facial treatments. LED facials, radiofrequency facials, and microdermabrasion facials are all convenient remedies to address fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, scars, redness, natural aging, etc.

As a sidekick to signature facials, each technique involves a little extra exfoliation or stimulation to boost collagen production for a more youthful glow. Paired with at-home and on-the-go texture-rejuvenating products, brighter and more radiant skin awaits!

Why Choose VHB?

Excellent and expert SkinCARE is the central foundation of Vivid Health & Beauty, a beauty skin center located in the Los Angeles area. Our renew, restore, and rebalance philosophy helps our clients love the skin they’re in—no matter the stage of life they’re in.

If you have any questions about our quality tried-and-tested products and personalized treatment services, please reach out to our team of estheticians today. For whatever lies ahead, professional skincare advice and recommendations are just a call away.

How To Pick the Right Facial Treatment for Your Skin

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