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How To Build the Perfect Skin-Care Routine

How To Build the Perfect Skin-Care Routine

The more you refine your skin-care routine, the greater effect it’ll have on your skin. Here, Vivid Health & Beauty looks at how to build the perfect skin-care routine so that you can ensure the best outcome for your skin.

Discover Your Skin Type

Determining your skin type is crucial to finding proper facial skin-care products crafted for your skin. Some products are designed to enrich parched skin, while others are designed with acne or oil control in mind. We’ve listed a couple methods for finding your skin type below:

  • Bare-Face Method: Cleanse and gently dry your face. Don’t apply any moisturizers or additional products. Once an hour goes by, assess your T-zone: check whether your skin feels parched and tight (dry), has produced oil on your nose and forehead (normal or combination), or has additional shine on cheeks and chin (oily).
  • Blot Sheet Method: Pat a blot sheet around your face. Holding the sheet up to the light, notice whether the sheet picked up little to no oil (dry) or oil mostly from the forehead or nose area (normal or combination). Or it may be entirely coated in oil (oily).

Products To Use

Your skin-care routine is only as effective as the products you use. Next, Vivid Health & Beauty breaks down what makes a quality skin-care product as well as the different elements of a strong skincare regimen. Follow these guidelines to find your perfect skin-care routine.


Cleanser is essential to stripping away any dirt or oil your skin has accumulated throughout the day or night. A quality cleanser will give your skin a clean slate to soak up the rest of your skin-care products. Whether you have oily or dry skin, you should opt for a gentle cleanser.

Our Enzyme Wash Powder from Dr. Ellyan contains nonirritating papaya enzymes that tackle clogged pores, leaving skin fresh and hydrated. Use this unique powder cleanser to create a perfect skin routine for any skin type. Simply gather a few drops of water to lather up and cleanse those impurities away.


Toner isn’t an absolute must, but using this product is an effective way to balance your skin’s pH. Toner removes any last traces of dirt from your face. Complete this step after you wash your face and before you move onto any serums or moisturizers.

If you find that your skin reacts poorly to most toners, try VHB’s Soft Soothing Tonic. It’s created without preservatives and allergenic perfumes, this soothing solution is a suitable toner for skin that’s susceptible to redness and irritation.


Serums have a variety of purposes, from reducing visible lines to brightening dark spots. Serums can combat an array of adverse skin conditions. They’re also great resources for wrinkle prevention in a perfect skin routine, as they provide a lot of hydration. Our Dr. Ellyan Hyaluronic Serum creates well-balanced moisture across all three layers of your skin, maintaining its hydration all day long.


A reliable moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and buoyant while strengthening your skin barrier. A lighter moisturizer is ideal for daytime because your skin can absorb it quickly. Moisturizers with ceramides and hyaluronic acid are known for retaining moisture well. VHB supplies a range of high-quality restorative moisturizers to appease all types of skin.


No matter your age, protecting your skin from the sun every day is a must. As much as you may love lounging in its rays, the sun poses undeniable hazards to skin and causes signs of prematurely aging skin, such as wrinkles and dark spots.

For proper facial skincare, always top off your routine with a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Our TIZO Ultra Zinc Mineral Sunscreen offers 40 SPF and is suitable for all skin types and tones.

Treating Yourself and Your Skin

Professional beauty services can really revive your skin and unlock its full potential. We recommend adding routine facials and masking to your skin-care regimen to achieve the healthiest skin.

At Vivid Health & Beauty, we prioritize function over flair when it comes to building the perfect skin-care routine—we want our products to provide optimal results. Our team of charismatic skin professionals can help you create an effective arsenal of high-quality skin-care products. VHB helps individuals gracefully deal with natural skin occurrences, from aging to acne-prone skin. We’ve got your unique needs covered with our expert guidance and personalized skin-care treatments.

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