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Best Ways To Continue Your Skincare Routine on Vacation

Best Ways To Continue Your Skincare Routine on Vacation

Pumped up for some much-needed vacation time? In addition to packing up a suitcase with your favorite apparel and planning out the must-do activities, there’s other work to be done before your travels. You need to think about optimal skincare maintenance, no matter where you plan on going.

Wondering how to keep your skin fresh and glowing during outdoor adventures, beach trips, or foreign city exploration? Before you hit the road or jet set through the sky to your destination, read through our guide to the best ways to continue your skincare routine on vacation. Here’s how to achieve lasting results.

Start Off With a Good Foundation

The goal of on-the-go skincare is to ensure your skin feels healthy and comfortable wherever you go. For this reason, you need to consider the current state of your skin. Achieving its optimal condition—with a smooth, visible glow—is ideal before leaving behind the comforts and consistencies of home.

Getting a pre-vacation professional facial provides your skin with the personalized care needed to stay radiant and fresh while exploring the sights or soaking up the sun. Opting for a deep cleansing facial—or specialized exfoliation treatment—is a good strategy for resetting the skin with a fresh foundation.

Take Full Advantage of Travel and Free Time

Traveling in out-of-the-ordinary environments is known to make skin vulnerable and prone to inflammation, impurities, or dryness. The change of climate, air pollutants, continual running of air conditioners in hotels, or the recirculated stale cabin air of planes, trains, and automobiles can increasingly dehydrate your skin. Ergo, use your travel and free time wisely.

Continue your skincare routine on vacation by safeguarding against environmental inconsistencies whenever possible. Avoid touching your skin, drink plenty of water, and don’t be ashamed to wear undereye gels or sheet face masks on long plane, car, or train rides. Upon arrival at your destination— or after a day or night out and about—use travel-friendly skincare products to wash your face, remove built-up impurities, and rehydrate skin cells.

Bring Along a Stash of Essential Beauty Products

Leave enough room in your suitcase for beauty basics. The right stash of essentials will help you maintain a reliable routine throughout the duration of your vacation. Pack must-haves in your bag, such as a top-notch SPF 50+ sunscreen, tinted products, and reparative skincare like facial masks, serums and creams. SPF-containing products are key for warmer climates, sunny environments, and frequent makeup wear. If you’re trying out new products for the transitional season, aim to put them to the test and let your skin properly adjust.

We love these travel-friendly products:

  • Our Dr. Ellyan No. 0 Enzyme Powder Wash is great to take on vacation. A little goes a long way, dissolving quickly to form a foamy cleanser. Just add water. Formulated with non-irritating papaya enzymes that effectively remove dirt and oil from pores to keep blackheads at bay and patented plant-based ingredients that cleanse the skin while providing long-lasting hydration.
  • Our STĀS Repair Sheet Masks help to nourish and balance skin after any type of environmental exposure. Great to use on long plane rides or after a day in the sun or on the slopes.
  • Our iStelle Cellular Rejuvenating Serum and Cream Travel set are the ultimate luxe companion. Packed with the power of stem cells, this duo is perfect for those days when you need extra restorative power.
  • Our Dr. Ellyan Absolute Mineral Sunscreen and CC Cream Bundle bundles sun protection with skincare and makeup, the trifecta in travel convenience.

Need further skincare advice? Turn to the knowledgeable team at Vivid Health & Beauty. VHB is here for all your personalized skincare needs, including professional facials in Los Angeles. We also offer premier products to help our clients expertly restore, renew, and rebalance their skin with individualized routines. Book a consultation today—we’re excited to unlock your beautiful skin’s full potential.

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