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3 Healthy Habits That Can Improve Your Skin

3 Healthy Habits That Can Improve Your Skin

As beauty educator Jana Elston once said, “Your skin has a memory. In 10, 20, or 30 years from now, your skin will show the results of how it was treated today.” Do you treat your skin with the appropriate knowledge, care, and kindness? Taking good care of your skin means you’re taking good care of yourself, and now is the perfect time to begin implementing consistent habits in your daily life to benefit your skin’s health.

Let us help you ensure a happy, glowing complexion now and in the future to come with a list of three healthy habits that can improve your skin.

Get 7 to 8 Hours of Sleep Each Night

Taking extra steps to retain skin moisture, support surface repair, and soothe inflammation or irritation is vital. Yet so are the basic fundamental methods that help you achieve beautiful skin naturally. Getting your beauty rest is a skin-care mantra you shouldn’t skip.

Good, quality sleep—seven to eight hours each night—helps your body properly recover. Only during deep, prolonged sleep can your skin cells regenerate and repair. Striving to get enough sleep each night can lead to an improved appearance.

Consume Less Sugar

Your skin’s outward condition is often a direct reflection of what’s happening inside. Good nutrition and good-looking skin go hand in hand. So if you’d like glowing, healthy skin, be careful of what you allow inside your body. Sugar is the main cause for concern, so strive to lessen your consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Keep a close eye on the sugar content of your favorite foods, and read nutrition labels. Focus on natural, skin-friendly options such as green vegetables, fruits, and grains—not to mention water.

Drink 8 to 10 Glasses of Water Each Day

Drinking water is the most basic healthy habit of all, but it’s the most important nonetheless. Did you know skin is comprised of over 60 percent water? For this reason, hydration plays a critical role in skin health. Well-hydrated skin is clear and radiant, shining brightly without noticeable pores or flaws. For adequate hydration, ensure the right amount of water intake each day based on your body weight.

Besides these healthy habits that can improve your skin, your skin-care regimen will never be complete without some personalized products and services. If you’re curious about the best places to receive professional skin-care treatments in Los Angeles, here at Vivid Health & Beauty, we offer a range of face, eye, and neck care services. Choose from specialized treatments for effective skin tightening and moisturizing—our skilled team will help you unlock your unique skin’s full potential. Learn more about our renewing, restoring, and rebalancing products—such as a peeling exfoliant to repair your skin’s metabolic rhythm—on our website.

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