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Our 2022 Holiday Bundles have arrived! They make the perfect gift for anyone who is skincare obsessed, and arrive in festive VHB branded packaging, upgraded specifically for our holiday bundles.


Get our STAS products in a bundle at a discount before we officially launch the STAS site! We've been developing STAS since 2016, and we're finally getting ready to break out. As many of our loyal supporters know, we've spent the last year rebranding, updating our formulas so they're cleaner and better. We're also working on new products that will launch very soon! Try all of our products in our Pre-Launch Bundle to see why we sell out of every batch we make! 


  • STAS Clarifying Complex Serum - Our signature serum is formulated with tea tree oil and chamomile extract to disinfect pores, calm inflamed skin and speed up the healing process. Hyaluronic acid retains moisture, plumps skin and gives you that sought-after glow! Our formula also contains an antioxidant that enhances the skin’s natural barrier, neutralizes free radicals and protects against environmental pollutants.
  • STAS Clarifying Complex Cream - Developed for normal to oily, problematic skin, the STAS Clarifying Cream focuses on disinfecting, healing, and calming irritation without stripping the skin of moisture. Unlike most acne-prone skin products that can cause excessive drying and overcompensating sebum production, ours contains hyaluronic acid and stable vitamin C to retain moisture, brighten skin tone and a powerful antioxidant-probiotic blend to prevent scars and boost your skin’s natural immunity against bacteria and environmental pollutants.
  • *CULT FAVORITE* The Repair Mask - Developed for all skin types, the STAS Repair Mask is a nutrient dense sheet mask that helps repair damaged skin, reduce inflammation, and address various signs of aging. Our transdermal delivery system sends a cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals deep into the skin to activate stem cells, promote skin repair and regeneration, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

PLUS we're throwing in a FREE mini Aqua Clear Blemish Stick (our #3 best seller) to dry out those pesky pimples overnight! 

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