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Our 2022 Holiday Bundles have arrived! They make the perfect gift for anyone who is skincare obsessed, and arrive in festive VHB branded packaging, upgraded specifically for our holiday bundles.


Our Multi-Serum bundle is curated for those looking for luxe anti-aging skincare. These products make a visible difference after as little as one use. Dr. Ellyan's serums are some of our best-sellers and cult favorites. Everyone in our office is obsessed with the Dr. Ellyan No. 4 Revital serum and uses the Hyaluron and Vita-C when their skin needs an extra boost of moisture or brightening. We've bundled them in one set for an amazing price point. Give (or gift yourself) healthy, glowing skin.


  • Dr. Ellyan No. 4 Revital Serum - This best-seller addresses various signs of aging skin, including loss of elasticity, dryness, dilation of pores and wrinkles. The fast-absorbing water-based formula penetrates the skin easily, providing intense nutrition, promoting cell regeneration, calming dry skin and reinforces the skin’s natural barrier resulting in smoother, more resilient skin.
  • Dr. Ellyan No. 5 Vita-C Serum - Awaken the power of your skin with this skin brightening serum. The Vita-C serum treats discoloration, thin skin, helps to even skin tone and promotes the regeneration of your skin’s natural barrier. Regular use evens skin tone and texture, leaving you with crystal-clear, radiant skin.
  • Dr. Ellyan No. 6 Hyaluron Serum - Packed with millions of moisturizing particles, the Hyaluronic Serum provides the ideal moisture balance across all three layers of your skin. The serum is formulated with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and other plant-based ingredients to instantly hydrate skin cells and maintains the skin’s ideal moisture balance throughout the day. Use daily for glossy, soft skin that stays moisturized all day long

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